A seed was planted and the next big thing has finally arrived. OML is all about fun and rewards!

Shake the tree!

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OML Tree
Many Rewards

Many rewards everyday!

Our partners are adding new rewards and gifts to the OML tree every day. There are lots of prizes in the tree, including the main prize:
1 million dollars.

Very inviting!

The app is free and a user account is optional. Once the app is installed, users can start playing the game and turning over leaves straight away. This is what any user would want from the app: free, fast and simple.

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Various game elements make it challenging and fun to play OML. Users can increase their chance of winning a particular prize by sharing it on social media, different modes can be enabled like 'fan mode' and 'beserk mode', we have highscores, easy rewards, and many more!

About OML

We developed the idea because we think it would be great to make someone a millionaire. And why not do that every month?

A tree with a million leaves. When the user clicks on a leaf to turn it over, an ad is shown. After the ad, there is a message telling users whether they have won a prize. There are lots of prizes in the tree, including the main prize: 1 million dollars

A new edition of the game starts every month, and we guarantee that the main prize will be paid out. If the million dollar leaf is not turned over, the prize is assigned at random to one of the turned leaves.

Our mission is:

  • - to pay out a million dollars every month
  • - to be transparent and honest
  • - to make the game as enjoyable as possible; one that we would play ourselves
  • - to grow, and reward growth

The team:


A down to-earth guy who thinks the sky's the limit.

+31(0)6 250 327 69


Just a regular guy - with superpowers.

+31(0)6 579 962 20

If you have questions, comments, or anything else you'd like to talk to us about please let us know!

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We would like to invite you to play our demo. This demo is a stripped-down version to let you experience the app and get you excited and interested to participate.

Shake the tree!

the jackpot isn't available in the demo....;)

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